Plate: TURKOYZ HOME I Repurposed Candle: Capri Blue Candles 
Do you have old candles that have burned to the wick but you love the jar too much to toss? 
My husband thinks I tend to hold on to things but seriously, it's mercury glass, I wasn't throwing it away! I found on Pinterest a solution! It's so easy! 
1. Put the candle in the freezer, over night.
2. Use a flat head screw driver to "pick" out the remaining wax.
3. Wash and use! 
I am loving these little plants right now! This window is over my kitchen sink. I used a clear glass plate and plate stand on top of old cook books. I turned the books to use the aged paper as texture and color!


04/15/2015 9:59am

Beautiful post! Thank you for featuring some of our Capri Blue Mercury pieces. We LOVE seeing them re-purposed too!!

11/28/2015 8:13am

They are my favorite! I always give them as gifts because family and friends love them when they smell them in my house!

01/27/2016 10:09am

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05/13/2016 10:40am

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11/30/2016 9:54am

Beautiful picture. I love them. Thank you very much.

05/13/2017 2:13am

Thank you for a great advice. It is so easy to clean!


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