Secret [ingredient] Guacamole Recipe 

What you'll need:

1.  3 Avocados (serves 4 people)

2.  1 Granny Smith Apple (secret ingredient)

3.  1 Lemon

4.  1 Purple Onion 
Combine all ingredients and stir until desired texture! 
My husband and I love guacamole dip. At my house, tacos are my  go-to meals! Last year, when we were in Mexico, we had a chef serve the most amazing guacamole. After a lot of eating, we finally had to ask..."what is so different about this guac?" Her reply, "apples!" Boom! I would have never thought of this secret ingredient but I knew I had to try it. The apples provide a crisp texture and a fresh flavor! This gluten free snack is perfect for an appetizer or served on tacos. A friend of mine mentioned that  her and her husband put it on their burgers! Genius! So next time you have taco night, try this secret ingredient guacamole dip!