The last few weeks have been crazy! I have been stuck inside & in need of a pick-me-up, which means DIY time! 
We have these great bay windows in our living room & I have finally convinced my husband to let me hang drapes there. I wanted something sheer so it wouldn't take away from the natural light! I found these white, patterned curtains at Home Goods. I have curtains in three other rooms and each time I go to hang more, I'm reminded how much I dislike doing it! Adam had to jump in and help...not going to lie [I literally got the drill stuck in the wall].  I personally love curtains though! They add a finished look to any room and they help frame the windows they surround. I also love adding extra seating to this area. World Market has some beautiful and affordable dinning room chairs that would be perfect for an area like this. I didn't buy the chair seen here though. Instead, I took one of the chairs from our dinning room set and painted it to display in the bay window! Cute & cost effective! 

Tip: Have someone assistant you when hanging curtains for both physical and moral support. 

Votives: Michaels Mercury Glass I Vintage Doilies: Grateful Goose I Ally Rose Linens I Vintage Plates: Etsy Blue & White Plates I H Initial: Michaels Wooden Letter I Bow: Hobby Lobby Burlap Ribbon I Hand Towel Alternative: World Market I Curtain Alternative: Hobby Lobby Gray Key Panels 
I love French Country & Shabby Chic... or just everything on Fixer Upper! :)
Although I have listed the items and where I got them, the majority I bought at antique stores. Other items were given to us by family members or found randomly along the way! The old window is literally from my parents back yard! There are other frames I've gotten from The Green Project in New Orleans. If you've never heard of it, it's worth checking out! They have a warehouse full of building materials & items from old homes in New Orleans. Another one of my favorite spots is Clayton House Market in Covington, LA. Sometimes I find myself just walking around aimlessly because they have such great booths with unique & repurposed items. The gray curtains I found on sale. I wanted to add a more unique look so lucky for me, my Mimi came and sowed the curtains and the fabric I found to create our own custom curtains! I am really into painting all the rooms in our house right now [mostly gray]! I want light and airy! It usually takes me longer than I expect because I want it to be done quick, fast, and in a hurry but paint can sometimes make the biggest transformation to a room. This dinning room color isn't gray but I love it. It's called Cream In My Coffee. It's a great neutral that looks classic next to white crown molding. 

Tip: Choose a neutral paint color & accessories with color because the accessories are much easier to change!