Plate: TURKOYZ HOME I Repurposed Candle: Capri Blue Candles 
Do you have old candles that have burned to the wick but you love the jar too much to toss? 
My husband thinks I tend to hold on to things but seriously, it's mercury glass, I wasn't throwing it away! I found on Pinterest a solution! It's so easy! 
1. Put the candle in the freezer, over night.
2. Use a flat head screw driver to "pick" out the remaining wax.
3. Wash and use! 
I am loving these little plants right now! This window is over my kitchen sink. I used a clear glass plate and plate stand on top of old cook books. I turned the books to use the aged paper as texture and color!
Candles: Capri Blue Mercury Glass I Nail Polish: OPI

My two week vacation has officially come to an end {insert tears} ... 
I have had such a great time traveling with my husband to Aruba, being with his family in Utah, and then seeing my family while picking up my horse <Elvis> who was at a horse show in Mississippi! One of my best friends has been asking me to share some of my items from home on my blog! My personal favorites, hands down,  are the mercury glass Capri Blue candles! The VOLCANO scent is heavenly!! I get my candles locally from TURKOYZ. If you do not have one near you try the Capri Blue website. They are worth every penny! What's your favorite candle?